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About This Project

Problem: IVFLA Fertility, headed by Steven C. Presser, M.D., offers a unique practice style of personalized medical care with a warm and caring staff, utilizing state of the art technology. Dr. Presser came to us looking for an updated logo design and website. They needed assistance in creating an inviting and user-friendly web experience that matched their compassionate in-person care.

Solution: We conducted research within the medical industry to determine the best way to accurately brand the practice and create a more simplified website for Dr. Presser’s patients to find the information they need. We created a sleek logo that incorporates (kind of discreet but also show what the practice does) Our team developed to be a responsive e-commerce website to work from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and transferred over 50 pages of educational material from the old website. Core features include a CMS so both IVFLA and Pixel can manage the content. We were able to use top-of-the-line, emerging technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts, Jquery, and PHP.

• Digital Strategy
• UX Design
• Web Development
• Project Management
• Social Media Management
• Branding

Business, Web Development